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Detectors Unlimited, Inc., a metal detecting club, promotes the safe and lawful recovery of lost and abandoned objects through the process of research, education and the distribution of information.

Our programs focus on coin, relic, and artifact hunting along with gold prospecting, meteorite hunting and stories of lost treasures (especially those related to southern Arizona).

We welcome an opportunity to meet you at one of our monthly meetings.

Monthly Publication

Detectors Unlimited publishes a monthly newsletter. The newsletter informs readers about outings, programs, meeting notes, treasurer's report, raffle winners and provides a calendar of outings and events of interest.

The newsletter is emailed as an Adobe ".pdf" attachment to members with valid Email addresses.  This attachment is easily opened with the free Adobe Reader application.

The following link opens a new window and provides you with Adobe's downloadable Acrobat Reader software:


Each meeting includes special speakers, various contests for the best monthly finds, raffles, freebies and good fellowship.


Detectors Unlimited Inc.
13630 E Garigans Gulch
Vail, Arizona 85641
(520) 429-5969

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  • We meet at 6:30 pm, every 4th Wednesday of each month (Except December).
  • Visitors and guests of members are welcome at each meeting.
  • Meetings are located at the Crescent Manor Club House at 1150 W Prince Road
    (at Crescent Manor Drive, northeast of the corners of Flowing Wells Road and Prince Road).

  • Parking is in the shopping center parking lot adjacent to the trailer park. There is no parking at the meeting hall. You must walk about 350 feet along Crescent Manor Drive to the meeting building. Just follow the signs.

Membership Info

Membership is available to any person.

2015 Dues are:

$10/year for junior members (17 & under)
$20/year for single adults (18 years or older)
$40 for couple

Dues are payable in January. During the 2015 transition, renewals are $20.

Dues are prorated to $5/$10/$20 per category starting October of the year (for new members only).

Children not wishing to join the club are welcome at club functions under the direction of their parents. Full names and waiver signatures are needed for all family members.

Membership applications can be downloaded and brought to any monthly meeting, or mailed, along with payment, to the address below.

Whether you are a seasoned detectorist or a beginner wanting to learn more, you will be a welcome addition to Detectors Unlimited!


Upcoming Events - If you are new, please call to make sure all information is current!

February 25th (Wednesday) CLUB MEETING @ 6:30PM (Crescent Manor Club House).

  • Come out and show off your favorite Gem Show buys!

March 1st (Sunday) CLUB OUTING at Menlo Park.

  • Meet at the south parking lot of Menlo Park, next to the swimming pool (at 1100 W Fresno Street ).
  • Hunt will start @ 8:00AM
  • There will also be an "Easter Egg" contest - participants will use their detector to 'guess' what type of metal are in the various eggs.
  • There will be a second Easter Egg contest at the hunt March 28th.
  • First place winner of the March 1st contest may not enter the contest planned March 28th.

March 5th (Thursday) BOARD MEETING @ 6:00 PM (Village Inn - Speedway & Columbus)


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